Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Tough Aspie Week

While the beginning of the week went fairly smoothly, we sure did end it on a bang!  Both of my Aspies got sick, and I mean really nasty stomach bug sick.  Also the NT girls did as well.  Amazingly, I so far seem to have escaped it all which I have no idea how considering the amount of vomit I have been exposed to and cleaning up.  Consequently, that means that for the Aspie's everything is off.  Their schedules, their bodies, EVERYTHING and that means the rest of us pay for it in various ways.

With my husband, that means he is just plain grouchy and not very fun to be around.  He also walks around with what I like to call "an old man shuffle" with his head hung down and his shoulders hunched.  He also has "checked out" a lot with the family, which means I'm pretty much left on my own to keep the house running.

With our son when this type of thing happens, he stims like you would not believe and his sleeping is A.W.F.U.L!!!!!!  For example, today he was up at 6:45 am, took only a 1 hour nap, and as I am typing this (at 10:30 at night) he is still in his room wide awake counting who knows what.  And yes, we did give him Melatonin, put lavender oil on him and his pillow, did our nightly routine, and my husband sat in with him for over a half hour reading to him.  I even took him for a run, hoping that would help him relieve some of his anxiety.  (He even said near the end of it that he was totally worn out.)  It is going to be a long night and tomorrow morning is going to stink if he does not sleep in meaning past 7:30 am, which happens MAYBE once every three months.  Sleep is so vital for him to function.

So that is my life in a nutshell right now.  Honestly, I am ready for a spa day.

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