Monday, April 28, 2014

Progress . . . . No Matter How Small!

This weekend was our eldest girl's birthday.  She turned two, so we tried to make it as fun for her as possible.  It was rainy and cold so going to the local zoo was out.  Instead we took the family to a local pizza/play area place. 

I have to admit I was nervous taking our son there.  These kind of places tend to overstimulate him quickly and then we have stimming and meltdowns to the max, which result in us usually dragging him out of the vicinity and trying not to die a thousand deaths as he is screaming, hitting, and kicking all the way to the car.  However, this time he remained calm!  There were kids in the play area who were yelling and being rough, and he remained calm and played well with the other kids.  He fussed a little when we made him stop to eat lunch and later when we told him it was time to go, but nothing more than a NT kid his age would do.  No screaming. No hitting. Nada!  It. was. AWESOME! 

Of course, when we got home he was starting to stim and was clearly overstimulated so we were unable to get him to take a nap and then that night we had my sister and two of her kids over so once again he was on stimulus overboard and getting him to sleep for the night was really tough!  However, his behavior in public was amazing and this was progress!

Then on Saturday he wanted to go shopping with me.  We went to Target and then Wal-Mart.  Again he did wonderful.  Didn't touch anything he wasn't supposed to.  He didn't meltdown when I didn't buy something he wanted.  He didn't insist on pushing buttons when we checked out.  However, we then went grocery shopping and that is when the meltdowns started.  One was over not being able to pick out a watermelon himself.  The other for not being to push "the red button" on the peanut butter machine.  The third was for not letting him open the cooler and get the milk himself.  (I opened the cooler for him so he could get the milk since I knew he couldn't do both.)  While that was frustrating, the fact that he did well at the first two stores, especially at Wal-Mart since we were there the longest, was GREAT!

The one thing I have learned about him is that independence for him is extremely important.  He hates being told he can't do something due to his age or size.  I have to reluctantly admit that he gets that honestly by me.  I was and still am the same way, especially if someone tells me I can't because I am female.  Nothing will make me even more determined to do it.  It's just something that I need to remember and find the balancing act of when to let him try and to keep him safe and also to help him understand when limitations are necessary.  It's a learning process.

I just wish the stupid insurance could see or understand the changes that are occurring since I attribute part of it to the medication that he is currently on and that they are questioning the necessity.  Hopefully, wiser minds will prevail and someone with some sense will approve it so we can all move forward.  We should have a decision by today either way.  Fingers crossed!

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