Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Happy/Sad Moment

Today in one of the Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) support sites for parents with kids who have SPD, a fellow member mentioned a national crediting agency for behavioral specialists.  I laughed to myself and thought I would do a search to see if there was anyone listed in my area.  I just knew there could be no way there would be anyone local, but was curious to know if there was even anyone in my state that was credentialed.  To my shock, there was someone local listed! To say I was elated, would be an understatement!  FINALLY I had found someone that might be able to take some of the burden off of me and help me with my son.

First, I looked her up with our insurance and of course she was not listed as a provider, (Have I mentioned how much I dislike our insurance?) but I didn't care. I still wanted to find out where this person worked to at least know the option might be there.  That's when the sad moment comes in.

When I looked her up, I sadly saw that she works for a drug and alcohol rehab facility.  I wanted to cry.  That little glimmer of hope of some small reprieve was dashed.  Sigh!

Oh well.  We are no worse off than before.  Just one more reason to tuck away the thought of going back into the field and opening up some type of practice to help mothers like me.  Or at least that is what the crazy side of me is thinking, while the practical side is truly questioning my sanity of even entertaining the idea when I can barely keep my head above water now.   Guess time will tell as to which side wins.

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